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Mel + Michael threw a great big wedding party that was all about their friends and family. Their program guide was entitled “YOU YES YOU” and listed every person at their wedding with a personal and very funny little description of each. They made little red and white “yes” buttons for guests to wear as a show of support. They hunted estate sales and ebay for decor, and enlisted friends to help gather, design & create. To top it off, they invited all 175 guests to join them in the recessional walk through the ranch while their siblings sang and played accordion & violin. For more, head on over to Snippet and Ink for the full story!

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Day of Coordinator: Allison Shane of Pop the Champagne Events

Officiant: Bradford Akerman (close friend of Bride + Groom)

Bride’s Dress: Nicole Miller

Bride’s Shoes: Swedish Hasbeens

Veil by Gilded Shadows on Etsy

Hair + Makeup: Page Mahan

Groom’s Suit/Shirt/Tie/Hankerchief: J Crew

Flowers by friend Denis Lavoie

All Decor DIY + Collected (estate sales/ebay) by Bride + Groom

Wedding Cake: babycakes Los Angeles

Caterer: Stonefire Grill

Rentals: EZ Party Rentals

Photobooth: Photoboothology

Invite/Wedding Materials Font Designer: Molly Schiot

Custom Stamp on Program Guide: Yellow Owl Workshop 

Poetry by: Jacqueline Suskin

Music: Sun, Moon, and Stars by Jenny O

Solon Town by Luke Rathborne

Cocktail Hour Twin Peaks Theme Song “Falling” Performed by Albert Diaz (classic guitar) + Becky Calinsky (cello)