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Two in one week? I know. What’s wrong with us. We are so excited to share Midory and Paul’s wedding (at the La Jolla Women’s club- Irving Gill in the house!), cause they both went to school with Jamie- which is where they met.  Awwwwww. Anyways. Let’s hear it for such smiley, happy, exuberant couples, huh? Midory brings such a fun silly happy energy every where she goes. Paul might sometimes seem a tiiiiiiny bit more reserved in comparison, but when he busted out with a spontaneous little dance routine during the reception (after some egging- oh, you WISH we would tell you more), we knew exactly why they where meant for each other. Congratulations you two! 

Midory + Paul
San Diego, CA
Ceremony Location: La Jolla Women’s Club
Flowers: Bespoke Occasions
Event Planning/Design: Ann’s Plans