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I already shared a mini sneak peek of Kelly and Anthony’s elopement over on A Desert Fete, but here are the rest. This was the real deal, folks. Kelly emailed me on a Tuesday and asked if I would be free to photograph their elopement that Thursday. Would I.
I met Kelly and Anthony at their suite at the Pearl Hotel for some fun portraits and getting ready photos, then accompanied them to the gorgeous bay side San Diego City Hall, where I not only photographed the elopement, but acted as witness! I then tagged along as they picked up sammys from Influx, and enjoyed them over flights of craft beer at Bottlecraft. Two of my favorite joints!
It was such a fun, sweet morning. Thank you guys for allowing me to be around on this crazy special and intimate day! I wish you all the best is the world.
There is something so rad about elopements, and Michelle and I are eager to photograph more, so please hit us up if you are interested!