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Just days away from their one year anniversary, I am so pleased to finally share Reena + Shane’s totally epic, 2 day, 3 event Hindu and Sikh festival inspired wedding weekend. Every wedding is totally uniquqe, just as no couple is ever the same, but never have we photographed one quite like this before, and I doubt we ever will. Scroll on down to see photos of their friday night Sangeet dinner, then keep moving along for the visual explosion that is their Sikh and Hindu ceremonies, and finally conclude by taking in their desert festival wedding. And if you dig it (you dig it, don’t you?) hop over to our friend’s at 100 Layer Cake and read directly from Reena herself what all the fuss is about here! Thanks a million times over for having us, and Happy Anniversary Reena + Shane!!!!

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Mariam + Paul were made for each other. They crossed many of the same paths over their lives living in LA, never meeting or even catching a glimpse. Maybe they missed each other by a minute, or an hour. Everyone who knows them is ecstatic that they finally met. Their love, respect for each other and sincerity as humans hits me deep. So psyched to share their wedding day here and on Green Wedding Shoes today! Read More


Mariam + Paul showed me their secret hike spot on the far west side of Los Angeles. We hit the top as the sun slid behind the mountains, leaving us in the center for cool quiet civil twilight.

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Olivia + Blake: Gadsden House, Charleston SC

We were so honored and thrilled when our talented friend and fellow photographer Olivia asked us to photograph her wedding day to her very charming beu, Blake. We loved wandering the streets of downtown Charleston with them, documenting their joyfilled union, and being a part of the classic and oh so pretty evening of celebration that followed. Please see the post on 100 Layer Cake to read more about it! Congratulations, you two! Thanks so much for having us.

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We are so excited to share this one with you! Herbie and Shannon had a super unique, multicultural wedding bash with so much love and so much support, we wanted the day to last forever. Head on over to A Practical Wedding today for the details! Congrats Herbie + Shannon!!!

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