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Sneak Peek: Rachel + Jeff

We are still deep in the throws of editing the last wedding we photographed, but when Michelle sent over this image from the film that she dropped off to have processed, I knew I had to share it in a quick preview! Rachel and Jeff’s wedding was so beautiful and joyful, stay tuned for the whole shebang!


Last month Jamie and I had the great pleasure of photographing the wedding of my friends Kelly & Ken. They rented a ginormous house in Palm Springs, less than a mile from the Ace Hotel where the after party (or shall I say parties) took place. DJ Brian Waters kept it going late into the night spinning records with the help of young Lilly who is like 12, going on 29. There was a lot of life at this party and a ton of love.


We are so honored to be sharing these photographs with you today! Ashley + Minh were 1 of our 3 100 layer cake contest winners. They had an amazingly beautiful wedding ceremony and celebration on a private working ranch in the Santa Ynez valley. Check out the signs that ASHLEY MADE HERSELF!

We are also super honored to share this wedding today on A Practical Wedding! Eeeeeeee! You can see a couple more pictures, and read what Ashley + Minh have to say over there!

Thank you Ashley + Minh for letting us share this day with you!

Alicia + Dylan at Korakia Pensione: Palm Springs

We feel so lucky to have been a part of Alicia + Dylan’s wedding day. This couple was so super chill, and knew how to have a great time. (Jamie wanted to put down the camera and dance. She didn’t.) The wedding was at the drop dead gorgeous Korakia Pensione. We didn’t want to leave. And also see the peonies? And the lace bolero? Yeah.
Hop on over to 100 Layer Cake to hear more about Alicia + Dylan’s wedding.

Katie & Jeremy at Figueroa Mountain Farm House: Santa Ynez Valley

When Michelle and I arrived at Katie and Jeremy’s wedding (after driving the long and winding and EPICLY gorgeous hilltop dirt road that leads to the Figueroa Mountain Farm House), the first thing we were confronted with was a super relaxed dude leaning on the farm’s porch rail, casually strumming his banjo while dressed in a bright plaid shirt and a rubber horse head mask.  We knew we were in the right place.

In addition to being completely cool + unique this bash was so heartfealt, and such a labor of love. Katie + Jeremy have such rad and talented friends and families. The flowers, home grown! The libations, home made! The wedding band, made up of the groomsmen!

For a more in depth run down from the bride herself, please head on over to East Side Bride today! For loads of pictures, check these out!