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I know that every most recent wedding that we shoot becomes our new favorite, but guys. Our love for Abby and Ted knows no ends. They entered (and won!) the giveaway contest that we hosted at the end of last year, which helped kick off our partnership, and led to our name of Rad + In Love.

They were married in June at the most lovely mid century estate, situated in a nature preserve in the Berkshires, with just the smallest handful of friends and family in attendance. It was totally magical, and Michelle and I felt like not just there as hired help, but as part of the celebrations. That is how wonderful Abby + Ted and theirs are, they made us feel totally included! OK, I could really go on and on, but I will let Abby do the talking, over on East Side Bride.

Now we just can’t wait for them TO MOVE TO CALIFORNIA! Congratulations Abby + Ted. We love you and thank you so much for having us!!!!!!!


Creative clients are the best clients, right??? Mike is a graphic designer, and Kelly is the regional merchandiser for a store you might have heard of, so we had some high hopes of what their wedding might entail. Arriving at the Carondelet House in downtown LA, we were NOT disappointed! Confetti Systems! Air plants! Gold pom poms! Geronimo Balloonss! MASSIVE antlers, a custom wedding dress, and handmade (by the brides BFF) wood/crystal jewelry??!!! Not to mention spot on music selection (the processional was Neutral Milk Hotel) and a RAGING party. Kelly and Mike and their friends and family were a joy to photograph celebrating, and we are so happy for these two. If you want to hear more about the wedding from Kelly herself, hop on over to ESB today!


Just had to share this Polaroid from Leeann + Jacob’s amaaaaaaaaazing wedding that we shot in the bay area on Saturday. More soon!



We were so thrilled when Rachel and Jeff contacted us through A Practical Wedding about photographing their wedding at Condor’s Nest Ranch in Pala. (You know, right outside San Diego, in Jamie’s backyard.) You have seen the place, right? Pretty epic; farm animals, a swimming pool, a rad and rambling old house, and crazy beautiful rolling green hills as far as we could see. Oh, and then there was Rachel and Jeff. They had the most beautiful wedding, you guys. The outpouring of love from family and friends throughout the whole day was so moving. Their ceremony was incredibly thoughtful, funny, and clearly so fitting of their relationship. And then of course there was the dance party, during which everyone busted out their best moves! As usual, we shot on a bit of film (mmm, film), and in general, had a blast. Thank you so much Rachel and Jeff, and congratulations!

TRAVEL: Sayulita, Mexico

Hi friends. Jamie here. I have recently returned from the most amazing vacation at the most beautiful home on the most perfect beach in all of Mexico. (Well, one of them anyways.) Need proof? Photos in parts one, two, and three. But mostly I am here to tell you, Casa Ninamu and Teitiare Estates would be the most excellent location for a laid back beach wedding. (Or even a fussy one.) And we would be the most excellent choices for laid back photographers at said wedding. (Obviously.)  (But sorry, we are not fussy. Though we don’t mind if you and your wedding are.) Carry on.