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Amy + John were married on a gorgeous summer day on the east side of Los Angeles in a sweet little nook of Elysian Park. The super eclectic wedding was pulled together by the gals of Gather Events, and reflect so much of the couples personality, heritage, and interest. You can check out all the details today on 100 Layer Cake! Thanks for having us Amy + John!

Also, did you notice our shiny new blog? So cool! A HUGE thank you for Desi for making it happen for us!radandinloveelysianparkwedding067 radandinloveelysianparkwedding066 radandinloveelysianparkwedding065 radandinloveelysianparkwedding064 radandinloveelysianparkwedding063 radandinloveelysianparkwedding062 radandinloveelysianparkwedding061 radandinloveelysianparkwedding060 radandinloveelysianparkwedding059 radandinloveelysianparkwedding057 radandinloveelysianparkwedding056 radandinloveelysianparkwedding055 radandinloveelysianparkwedding054 radandinloveelysianparkwedding053 radandinloveelysianparkwedding039 radandinloveelysianparkwedding038 radandinloveelysianparkwedding036 radandinloveelysianparkwedding035 radandinloveelysianparkwedding024 radandinloveelysianparkwedding023 radandinloveelysianparkwedding022 radandinloveelysianparkwedding021 radandinloveelysianparkwedding019 radandinloveelysianparkwedding018 radandinloveelysianparkwedding017 radandinloveelysianparkwedding016 radandinloveelysianparkwedding014 radandinloveelysianparkwedding013 radandinloveelysianparkwedding012 radandinloveelysianparkwedding011 radandinloveelysianparkwedding010 radandinloveelysianparkwedding009 radandinloveelysianparkwedding008 radandinloveelysianparkwedding007 radandinloveelysianparkwedding006 radandinloveelysianparkwedding004 radandinloveelysianparkwedding003 radandinloveelysianparkwedding001


Wedding Venue: Elysian Park

Planning, Design, Consulting & Production: GATHER Events


Rentals: A Rental Connection

Catering & Desserts: Four Cafe

Princess Cake: Viktor Benes Bakery

Bar: Sunseri’s

Florals, Painted Runners, Guest Book Artwork: Velvetleaf Studio

Hair & Makeup: Nicole Chew

Wedding Dress: Alice by Alice Termperley 

Engagement Ring: Kathryn Bentley for Dream Collective

Meteorite Wedding Bands: The World’s Best Nature Store

  1. Another wedding photographer recommended me take a peek at your work guys ! Absolutely stunning and inspirational, I just wish had the sort of light you get – always grey and wet here in England.

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