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Well hello! Did I say I was posting this a week, or two ago? I am sure you will forgive me. Also, I know I mentioned BRIDE. But I also need to say: GROOM. Not to mention adorable groom’s brother and bride’s sister oh and NEPHEW and all round cuteness wedding party. (Hello vintage-y western inspired wear!) We love Kelli and Brian, and I am so sad Brian’s career took them away from our little neighborhood in San Diego and whisked them off to Nebraska. Cause Kelli and I could have been BFFs. But I am so glad they came back to the mountains above San Diego to celebrate their nuptials. Pine Hills Lodge in Julian, to be specific. A fine place if there ever was one. Oh, do you recognize her dress? Yeah, this lady wrote in a dear ESB! And, here is the follow up. (And then some.) Enjoy! And thank you Kelli and Brian!!!!!


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