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We were giddy with excitement when Caryn emailed us back in February (seems like forever ago!) about photographing her upcoming wedding in Ojai. It happens to be (one of) Michelle’s hometown(s), and it is on my fantasy list of places to live. Not to mention the venue was called Twin Peaks. (Hello.) Little did we know how incredibly stunning this ranch would be! And how amazingly cool Caryn and Paul were. Caryn is a documentary film maker (and she also has a backyard art gallery!), and Paul had the wits to make sure punk was well represented the night of their wedding. (It was the only wedding besides my own where I heard the Stooges!) As usual, we like to let the photos do the talking. But, don’t miss Caryn’s dress!!! WHAT! And, like many of our rad clients, this wedding was such an amazing labor of love. I met Caryn’s sister when she was out front arranging flowers. Friends played live music during the ceremony and the cocktail hour, while other’s swapped duties at the turntables. It was an effing beautiful day, and we are so thankful to have been there!


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