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I know that every most recent wedding that we shoot becomes our new favorite, but guys. Our love for Abby and Ted knows no ends. They entered (and won!) the giveaway contest that we hosted at the end of last year, which helped kick off our partnership, and led to our name of Rad + In Love.

They were married in June at the most lovely mid century estate, situated in a nature preserve in the Berkshires, with just the smallest handful of friends and family in attendance. It was totally magical, and Michelle and I felt like not just there as hired help, but as part of the celebrations. That is how wonderful Abby + Ted and theirs are, they made us feel totally included! OK, I could really go on and on, but I will let Abby do the talking, over on East Side Bride.

Now we just can’t wait for them TO MOVE TO CALIFORNIA! Congratulations Abby + Ted. We love you and thank you so much for having us!!!!!!!

  1. the 6th photo down? with the hay bales? i cried. the berkshires are very close to my heart & that one photo encompasses everything i love about spending time there. bravo.

  2. AHHH. They came out so beautifully. You ladies are amazing. It makes me want to jump back in time and space to this place. So much love for The Rad + In Love crew (H, B, Jamie and Michelle). Let’s run around in fields forever. XO

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